Oto Pestner as a guest / Big bands / Orchestras / …

One of many Oto Pestner’s repertoire were performed and recorded with Big Bands or big orchestras. 1. Big band formation – Oto has recorded and performed with one of the biggest and renowned orchestras and has written and arranged many pieces for them. One of them is also the two hour program of Tom Jones […]

The Dori’s

Kvintet Dori also has a program repertoire dedicated to world music pop hits, like: The Beatles, Elvis Presley and many other in style of traditional Slovenian folk music (polka and waltz). On every one their album you can find a track or two of the pop songs, so they have expanded the repertoire to a […]

Oto Pestner in kvintet Dori

Oto and Kvintet Dori met at the very begining of Dori’s career. They met at a Lojze Slak concert (Boš videl kaj dela dolenjc). Oto soon became their songwriter and he wrote many of their hits, and has also performed with them. Kvintet Dori released 9 albums and one of them is also a colaboration […]

Oto sings Tom Jones

The idea of concert program of one of the biggest singers – Tom Jones – came from Bid Bang (Big band Radovljica) in 2012. Oto Pestner prepared and arranged two hours of program of Tom Jones’s biggest hits for big orchestra/big band. Premiere of the concert was in 2012 in Bled (Festivalna dvorana Bled) and […]

Oto sings Elvis Presley

Oto Pestner and Elvis Presley – many find lots of connection between them. They are both born in the sign of Capricorn (Oto 4th January, Elvis 8 of January), but many years apart. At the time when Oto was born Elvis has just released his first single: Heartbreak hotel / I was the one, with […]

Pro Anima Singers

Pro Anima Singers were established in 2011 and during these years have released two albums “Za duso” and “Za srce” (translation: “For soul” and “For heart”). All albums were published by Dallas records. Their program consists of unique covers of Slovenian and foreign music, mixed with gospels and spiritual music. They are preparing their third […]

Oto Pestner with band

1. Popular music repertoire Popular music repetoire consists of Oto Pestner’s hits (evergreen Slovenian songs), and also his new songs from his new upcoming album. He also performs cover songs of world’s pop/gospel/soul standards. His four member group is a standard setup, but can perform also with larger band or orchestra. 2. Jazz standard repertoire […]

Oto Pestner solo

Oto Pestner is a Slovenian tenor singer and is known as a legend of Slovenian’s pop, jazz, gospel, r’n’b and acapella music. He has a rich music history and has performed as an artist/producer on lots of projects during his long music career. He has recieved numerous awards and is highly valued and honored by […]