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One of many Oto Pestner’s repertoire were performed and recorded with Big Bands or big orchestras.

1. Big band formation – Oto has recorded and performed with one of the biggest and renowned orchestras and has written and arranged many pieces for them. One of them is also the two hour program of Tom Jones tribute. Oto can perform also as a guest with a big band.

2. Chamber orchestra (strings and rhythm) – Songs arranged and performed by chamber orchecsta includes all Slovenian pop songs and other cover songs. For big events also a combination with Pro Anima Singers is possible to expand the repertoire.

3. Brass band – Oto pestner loves to perform as a guest with brass bands and many other groups.


Have yourself a merry little Christmas – Oto Pestner & New York Voices (live)

Eleanor Rigby – Oto Pestner (live)

Sveta voda – Oto Pestner (live)

Vrača se pomlad – Oto Pestner in Simfonični orkester Gimnazije Kranj

Mati, bodiva prijatelja – Oto Pestner in Simfonični orkester Gimnazije Kranj

Sinoči – Oto Pestner in Simfonični orkester Gimnazije Kranj

An American Trilogy – Oto Pestner in Bid Bang Radovljica


Booking & management contact:
Gregor Karer, +386(0)31-345-876, gregor.karer@gig.si

PA / PR:
Andrej Maver, +386(0)31-233-262, andrej@gig.si

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